Rt. 11 Yard Crawl Spot (Reservation)

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

Saturday, August 10 2019 5:00 AM 3:00 PM

This is a reservation for a yard crawl spot 20 x 20 in size- if you need more than 1 spot, just select more than in the quantity and we will put the spots together.   Restrictions on sales at our spots-- no food/drink sales; no live animal sales; no bootlegged movie DVD/music CD sales.  Since we are an operating drive-in theatre, we will open for vendors to set up at 5 AM on Saturday, August 10th and will halt sales for the day at our facility at: 3 PM so that we can have vendors break down and have our facility open for movies at 6 PM.  Vendors should arrange to bring tents, tables and chairs. 


Yard crawl is held rain or shine each year.  No alcoholic beverages, food/drink sales, live animal sales, bootlegged DVD or CD's.  Smoking at our facility is in designated areas.   The theatre will open at: 5 AM for vendors to begin setting up, but since we are an operating drive-in theatre and need to show movies at night-- we will halt all yard sales at 3 PM and ask for vendors to break down and remove all items by 5 PM so that we can open for the evening at: 6 PM for movies.