Rt. 11 Yard Crawl Sales Spot Reservations

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

Saturday, August 12 2017 6:00 AM 3:00 PM

This is for reserving a selling spot (20x20) at the drive-in theatre for Saturday, August 12th's Rt. 11 Yard Crawl.    You may sell any item except for the following: No food/drink items (health dept requirement); no live animals; no guns or amunition; no bootlegged movies or music cd's.

Please bring tables, tents, chairs to set up on you spot.  You may reserve more than 1 spot and we will put them together for you as one big area. 

Theatre concession stand will sell breakfast and lunch items and will be open from 7 AM til 3 PM.  Restrooms are provided at the concession stand.

Since we are an operating drive-in theatre, we can not allow set up the night before, and you will be required to remove all items by 4:30 PM on August 12th--so that we can open for movies at 6 PM  that night 



PLEASE PRINT THIS RESERVATION FORM AND BRING IT WITH YOU TO CLAIM YOUR SPOT(S).  We will open for set up by 5:30 AM on Saturday, August 12th.  This is a rain or shine event.   Smoking in our theatre is now in designated areas.  You must remove and properly dispose of all trash/unwanted items when you leave.