Honest Thief & Let Him Go

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

3 Dates Through Nov 15, 2020

See a powerful double feature- Liam Neeson in Honest Thief and Diane Lane, Kevin Costner in Let Him Go.     PLEASE NOTE: times listed on your tickets are gate "open" and gate "closing" times. the movies start at: 7 PM on Friday and 6 PM on Saturday/Sunday


We are currently operating under special pandemic policies- we recommend that you take a few minutes to read them before your visit. You can find them on our FAQ page (  No alcoholic beverages, smoking in designated areas only; pet friendly, no screen switching. All studio policies and theater policies apply- including requirement to purchase a food permit if you bring food or drink into our theatre property. $10 per vehicle fee-- No ordering outside food/drinks from commercial food establishments.