Hocus Pocus & Nightmare Before Christmas

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

2 Dates Through Oct 17, 2020

TWO NIGHTS ONLY- Disney's Hocus Pocus and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas as a big double header!  PLEASE NOTE: the times listed on your tickets are gate "open" and gate "closing" times.



We are operating under special pandemic guidelines- it is strongly recommended that you read these guidelines on our website ( FAQ page prior to your visit.   No alcoholic beverages, smoking/vaping in designated areas only. Pet Friendly, should you bring in food/drinks, you will be charged a $10 food permit fee (per vehicle).  All studio and theater policies apply including no screen switching and should you leave the theatre and want to be re-admitted you will be charge for re-admission.  No outside food deliveries to the theatre (Door Dash, Grub Hub, pizza).  All ticket sales are final- no refunds and tickets are non-transferrable