2021 Season Ticket Plans

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

Thu, Dec 10 2020 9:00 AM EST Mon, Mar 1 2021 1:00 PM EST

This offer is for our 2021 Season Ticketing Plan-- tickets are sold at a discounted rate ($7 adults; $3 Child) and is offered in 6, 8 or 10 admission tickets.   What's great about the season ticketing plan is that you can save money all season long and these plans have great flexibility-- you can use them for one person or for any number of people (up to the admission limit purchased)-- so for example you and a partner (or friend) (2 adults) could come see 3 movies with a six admission plan; 4 movies with an eight admission plan or 5 movies with a 10 admission plan. The same goes for children season ticket plans.   

Best of all, you will not need to make a reservation when you want to use the admissions- just drive-up and use your plan--i

PLEASE NOTE: these plans begin in March 2021 when our season begins and end on the last day of our season in December.   Please bring a copy of this ticket purchase and pick-up your plans  PLEASE ALSO NOTE: the dates listed under the 2021 Season Ticket Plan header on your tickets are just the sale dates-- the plans are valid all season long


Season Ticket plans are valid for the entire 2021 season (March til December).  They are valid for the number of tickets purchased (10,8 or 6) for adults or children.  They are offered at discounted admission rates ($7 adults; $3 children).   Please bring a copy of this plan purchase to our ticket booth on the first visit to pick-up your plan from our theatre box office ( they will have your plan in envelopes and under the name of who purchased the plan).  You do not need to make a reservation to use these tickets. Tickets can be used by more than one person up to the number of admissions purchased.   Bring your season ticket plan card to the concession stand and receive a 10% discount on concessions.    No refunds.