By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

7 Dates Through Jun 11, 2020

See the great world war 1 movie: 1917, winner of 4 Academy Awards (single feature)

PLEASE NOTE: times listed are gate "open" and gate "closing" times. the movie actually begins at: 8:45 PM 

You must read and heed the special policies listed under "restrictions" since we are operating in a pandemic environment/

It is highly recommended that you download (ahead of time) the concession app we use: FAN FOOD from the Apple or Google Store. If  you plan on bringing in outside food or drinks (no alcohol) to the theatre, you must purchase the FOOD PERMIT at the time of your ticket purchase. The food permit covers all occupants of 1 vehicle. We do not permit food delivery services (pizza or Door Dash etc) to deliver to the theatre.


During the Coronavirus Pandemic, we are required to have modified operating procedures and policies for your safety. Please be patient with these modified guidelines while attending our theatre. 1) All movie tickets must be purchased online- no drive-up admissions. 2) We are operating at 50% capacity, therefore you must park your vehicle in between the two speaker poles (right in the middle works best). 3) At all times that you are out of your vehicle we recommend that you use a mask or face covering. 4) You are allowed to sit outside in front of your vehicle, sit inside a SUV with the hatch open, sit in the back of a pick-up. No socialization between vehicles. 5) All concession sales are via the online app- FAN FOOD. (download it from the Apple or Google Store). please order food via the app from the comfort of your vehicle- we will notify you when your order is ready to pick-up. 6) If you are in lines at any time, you must maintain a 6 ft distance from other folks. 7) Restrooms are 1 person (or 1 person and children) in at a time, then we must sanitize them before another person uses the restroom. 9) If you bring in outside food/drinks, you must purchase a FOOD PERMIT at the time of your ticket purchase. This permit covers 1 vehicle (no alcoholic beverages and no outside food deliveries to the theatre permitted by purchasing this permit. 9) All studio and theatre policies apply/ 10) The theatre reserves the right to ask any patron to leave if they break policies. 11) No alcoholic beverages 12) Smoking in designated areas only 13) Pet friendly