CHAIN OF CHECKS NIGHT- Hocus Pocus & Goosebumps

By Family Drive-In Theatre (other events)

Friday, October 30 2020 6:00 PM 9:00 PM

This is a special Chain of Checks Fund Raiser night for Barry Lee's & WINC-FM's Chain of Checks program. It's two great family features- Hocus Pocus and Goosebumps.  PLEASE NOTE: $3 per admission will be donated towards Chain of Checks PLUS 10% of concessions revenue. As such, we are not allowing any discount for tickets or for concessions that night-- (No Groupons or Certifikids honored that night-since it's a fund raiser night) No discounts on admission- just the flat $9 Adult rate and $4 Children (Ages 3-11) rates.... we will also restict no outside food/drinks that night so that we can maximize the donation amount to Chain of Checks.   Times listed on your tickets are the gate "open" and gate "closing" times-- the movies will begin at: 7:15 PM


We are operating under special pandemic policies- we strongly recommend that you read the pandemic guidelines before visiting our theatre. You can find them on our website: ( under our FAQ page.  No alcoholic beverages, smoking in designated areas only; we are pet friendly. NO OUTSIDE FOOD/DRINKS PERMITTED THIS NIGHT- NO GROUPONS OR CERTIFIKIDS HONORED THIS NIGHT AS IT IS A FUND RAISING NIGHT FOR A LOCAL CHARITY!  All theatre and studio policies apply including no screen switching, should you leave and want to be re-admitted, you will be charged re-admission.  NO OUTSIDE FOOD DELIVERIES (Door Dash, Grub Hub, pizza, etc).   ALL SALES ARE FINAL- no refunds and tickets are non-transferrable